Rooms and rates

Odessa – summer capital of Ukraine is rapidly evolving in the world and attracts every years an increasing number of tourists from all over Europe and businessmen. Our city is not only the cradle of the ancient Greeks, full of beautiful palaces, historical monuments and mysterious puzzles, green lanes, but also famous for all the CIS its vibrant night life, great atmosphere for a successful holiday and business. Here you will find – best value for comfort, for rental apartments in the heart of the city with every minute around the clock protection and service. On average, we have the best rates in Odessa. All apartments in Odessa, our property and you do not have to pay any fees in excess of the price specified in the price list, the mediators are not our profile. Service – our staff is always ready to help you in everyday life and vacation in Odessa, for the most-vivid impressions of being in the pearl of the sea. If you have a need, we can always provide our customers with information support. For over 10 years, Catherine’s apartment – it’s comfort, safety and refinement.